A pleasure to longarm quilt with it's smooth and solid stitching over layered fabric and paddings.

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Quilters around the world have been waiting for this longarm machine. Discover the impressive 18 inches of horizontal throat space between the arm of the machine and the needle. Even more impressive is the 10 inch height, unlike most long arm quilting machines which only provide an 8 inch height or less. All this amazing capability is mounted on a deluxe 10ft Quilting Frame.

JUKI  Longarm Quilting Machine Advantages

  • Juki is the largest manufacturer of industrial sewing machines worldwide. Juki has taken this industrial knowledge and experience and put it into a long arm quilting machine for home use. The result is a heavy-duty, high quality long arm quilting machine, that requires less servicing and maintenance.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE DRY HEAD SYSTEM: The dry sewing head eliminates the need for bringing the machine in for lubrication service. This technology has been proven by Juki with their industrial sewing machines for over 10 years. This also reduces oil stains on the quilt. Occasional manual oiling of the hook by the user is the only oiling needed.
  • Direct Drive Technology: Direct drive servo motor allows for smooth, efficient operation while providing low maintenance, since there are no carbon motor brushes that wear out.
  • Metal gear timed means no timing belt. Unlike the competition that uses timing belts that wear and stretch requiring adjustment.
  • Convenient, ergonomically easy reach hand wheel is located on the right side to make oiling the hook by the user easy.
  • Only Longarm available that has no suggested maintenance schedule, other than cleaning and oiling the hook by the user.
  • Made in Japan by Juki with proven Juki industrial parts.
  • Most versatile frame on the market, you can purchase a 5′,7′,10′ or 12 foot set up. Height adjustable to fit the user.
  • 18 inches of horizontal throat space between the arm of the machine and the needle. This is designed and is optimal for the average height of the user around 5′ 4″. If it was deeper it would be difficult for the average user to reach and control the machine when free motion quilting.

Frame size selection:

  • 5′ Quilts less that twin size
  • 7′ Quilts twin size and smaller 
  • 10′ Quilts queen size and smaller
  • 12′ Quilts King size and smaller

Why buy a JUKI Longarm Quilting machine from Jackman’s Fabrics:
Our experienced professional installer will deliver, assemble, adjust the machine, and provide a lesson on how to use your longarm, at your home, about 5 hours total. We offer additional unlimited lessons in our store. Longarm machines and frames are substantially easier to use and enjoy when setup, assembled, and taught by an experienced professional. This is why JUKI requires that their dealers deliver and setup longarms at the customers home. If needed in the future, we offer at-home Longarm service exclusively to customers who purchased Longarms and frames from Jackman’s Fabrics.

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